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Hi, My name is Münüp Duygulu. I'm 22 years old. I am from Turkey, Kayseri and i`m in Sofia, Bulgaria for my first international expirience as ESC Volunteer in ICDET Bulgaria. I graduated from Erciyes College in 2017. I was not very successful in high school. Frankly, I was a mischievous student. After preparing for the university exam for 1 year, I got into Ufuk University, Faculty of Law in 2018. I moved to Ankara when the university started. Ankara is the capital city of Turkey.

I was in English preparatory class in the first year of university. I am now a third year law student. I am working to improve myself all the time - I have been doing research to take part in a volunteering project since my childhood. After starting university, I planned to reactivate my research, but I could not go anywhere, because we were in the coronavirus pandemic.

By the way, I also like travelling very much. Whenever I have free time, I travel through cities of Turkey but this has been my first time abroad. I discovered ICDET and learned that I could participate in such a project during the coronavirus. I applied with great enthusiasm. ICDET is my first volunteer project host. I have been in Sofia for about 2 weeks. Sofia is a city with history. I visited historical places in Sofia and will continue to do so.

ICDET offers us the opportunity to travel while doing a volunteering project too. I learned to ski in Erciyes Mountain in Kayseri when I was a little kid. I am a professional level skier now. Bulgaria is famous for its ski resorts, so I will go skiing to Bansko and Vitosha mountain in Sofia. Everyone at ICDET takes good care of us. They give us the opportunity to improve ourselves. We develop projects to improve ourselves, the ICDET and the European Union. I hope in the future I can still continue to improve myself in the best positive way!


Münüp Duygulu, volunteer@ICDET


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