VIE+W | In the world of Bulgarian passion

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

A human can hardly describe the Bulgarian folk dances with just a few words or labels. For Bulgarians this is an inexhaustible power and a magic influence, and it is not a secret that everyone (no matter at what age) shudders after hearing just one Bulgarian folk beat. These dances have become a national symbol because of their merits for saving the Bulgarian cultures.

I am a boy at the age of 16 and from ten years I am part of a folk ensemble called “Balkan Youth”. My town is small, and many kids here decide to dance in their free time. When I was younger, I used to hate doing that because it was very hard for me, but my mother forced me to go. Times are changing… and guess what? I fell in love with this and now I am sure dancing is the thing I want to do till the end of my life. But not a typical dancing like in the rest part of the world - I love to dance the way Bulgarians have done it before.

Our dancing usually shows a flirtation between a beautiful Bulgarian girl and a strong Bulgarian man. The most common scene is when all young friends from one village go to the field and start dancing together. They hold their hands and become closer. The steps are almost the same so couples can connect their bodies as well they will connect their hearts. Another action on the stage is representing things from the people’s lifestyle - for example reaping, rose and grape harvest, mowing, cooking, etc. And traditions like healing, wedding, persecuting evil forces, praying for fertility, blessing families and many others.

For dancers the most important feeling is when the public congratulate them. We have participated in many competitions behind the Bulgarian borders and every time it was with success and a leading place. But the best award for me is the public in our town. After our concert the public stand up and applaud us for a long time. Once after a big concert I asked my close friend who was in the audience “What do you think about our heritage?” Her answer was unforgettable:

If someone ask me what the Bulgarian folklore is, without a thought I will answer – it’s magic! Magic connecting and intertwining dance, music, song, habits and traditions, which carry and enshrine Bulgaria for millennia, passing on the feeling for patriotism, pride and wisdom. It is not possible to say it with words. To feel the thrill and the real magic u should see it, experience it, be part of it. The magic will conquer you and after that it is possible for you to define it… It is something that cannot be forgotten, something that must be remembered and must live for long times!”

"You feel a new kind of energy, and when you start dancing with the people next to you, it feels as there is some electricity going through you,"

In the grip of the same love for dances and passion, we get immersed into the rhythm of Bulgarian folk dances. Moreover, the contacts you create with other people are incredible. We have found great friendships."

Why passion?

Every Bulgarian should try the folk dances and must know his origins. Even if they have never thought about doing this and do not like it at all, after short time spent under the Bulgarian sounds, folk music starts to pour into their veins and their body become passionate about their golden homeland.


by Vladislav Suykov