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VIE+W | Is there a job without perspective?

Perspective - future, prospects for doing something in the future.

Each of us wants to work something that has a perspective. But are there professions with a future in general? Are you sure that what you want to do as an occupation has opportunity to develop at a later time.

With advances in technology and robotics, the world becomes mechanical. Professions associated with repeated mechanical activity with excessive bureaucracy and outdated technology occupations as a bricklayer, postman, paperboy, librarian and others are -"Out -of - fashion". Digital technologies replace people and reduce the workforce. This has a number of advantages - more production in less time, less expenses and so on.

Because of this, now there are jobs on the market that we have not even thought of existing 10 years ago. Occupations with perspectives and opportunities for development:

»Artist Intelligence Engineer

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly entering our daily lives and this reflects on the search for certain cadres who are able to create and maintain it. The Artificial Intelligence Engineer will create a human environment that will only be controlled by voice commands and will be much more autonomous than the current one.

» Expert on solar technology

It is believed that up to 15-20 years of solar panels will be used extensively throughout the world, so this profession will become popular very soon. These specialists will combine knowledge not only on the technical specifics of these systems, but also on architecture, ecology, and so on. They will design autonomous ecosystems that will become part of people's everyday lives.


In the future, it will be possible to conduct a surgical operation remotely via the Internet. Surgical robots are increasingly entering in the medicine. They will be managed remotely by good doctors, who will not attend physically in the surgical room. This will lead to great benefits for patient, for example if there is an emergency case the immediate response will be possible within seconds for a patient from the other end of the world.

by: Sabel Basheva


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