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VIE+W | Let's make the world beautiful together

Hi everyone, My name is Mustafa. I am 20 years old and I come from Turkey. I study Radio, Television and Cinema. As you can understand, I like watching or shooting movies. Also, I am addicted to music. I can play guitar, ukulele, keyboard and a little bit of mandolin. Additionally, I can sing very well.

I started university just before the pandemic and I studied English half a semester as a preparatory subject. While studying, I applied for projects in which I could improve myself and make a difference. I attended various clubs in the fields of dance, acting and music. Everything was very good, but unfortunately, it was left unfinished due to the pandemic. Of course, this was not enough to stop me. I attended classes where I could improve myself online. These were leadership, English, memory techniques, and photoshop training. Apart from these, I take part in music workshops organized for children at the Sosyalben Foundation, which I volunteer. I teach children about music as much as I can. Lastly, we did a virtual choir together. This is not the only area where I volunteer, I am also working in the communication unit of the Turkish Red Crescent. I'm telling people the importance of donating blood. I also volunteer to help poor people, stray animals, and children who cannot get paid education. I also took part in activities such as environmental cleaning and reading habits.

I have been interested in Erasmus+ projects for a long time. I applied many times but did not get any positive feedback. Then I attended various trainings and watched videos on preparing a CV and motivation letter and, finally, I saw SİTODED’s project announcement: I said to myself, this is my chance now! The project was about the media, that's why I applied immediately. I reviewed the conditions a bit and contacted previous volunteers to talk about ICDET. I was told that everything was fine and I was relieved. Then everything happened very quickly, suddenly I found myself going to Bulgaria at the airport. By the way, this would be my first experience abroad, thus I was so excited.

After coming here, we were welcomed by our mentor. He took me and my other volunteer friend to our flat and took us around Sofia the next day. He explained everything we needed to know so we had no difficulties. Everything is fine in the office too. Working hours and things to do are organized every week. Well, why am I here? I came here to improve myself and to open my horizons by learning different cultures. ICDET is the ideal place for this, because here you have the opportunity to meet people of different nationalities and share your ideas and experiences. It will be an unforgettable experience for me. Now, I am starting to focus my work on the topic of racism: I aim to work as much as I can and do my project in the best way possible.

Let's make the world beautiful together!


Mustafa Tuncer, volunteer@ICDET


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