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VIE+W | Mountain Love

Living in the capital has its advantages, but every single day I get more and more tired of it.

The noise, the traffic, the polluted air it all makes me sick and I don't want to deal with this and every single day, so when I can I get out of it. That’s how I found my love for the mountains.

Legends tell us that the mountains are the home of the gods with fearsome powers, those places are worshiped in our traditions. In our myths and tales there are living beings, sometimes Gods and everything has its own destiny. Just like each one of our mountains rangers has its own characteristic appearance and temper. The Rhodope Mountains caresses the eye with its soft outline, Pyrin is beautiful but so raw. Rila is magnificent and the oldest mountain that runs through the whole territory of our country, as a true guardian, guarding both the northern and southern parts of it in the distant times of conquering battle

My love for our nature is huge. I love long walks in the mountains. There the air is fresh and cool, there aren’t any noises to distract you, except those of the wild life. This is because the mountains bring joy and peace. The mountains are alive. Enchanting us with their majesty that makes us lose ourselves in her charms and realize how small we are. Whatever I say about these divine sites isn’t going to be enough. And every year, I am so thankful for that and the fact I was able to touch this beauty and feel and see another part of it.

The mountains not only brings us the experience, but the whole process of organization, planning and preparation is exciting. Me and my friends are always exploring different places we can go to, then we get informed about routes in advance and discuss what exactly to use. Walking in the park is one thing, but going in the wildlife is a whole different story. If you go too far, choose a difficult route, leave without the right equipment or proper preparation, the outdoor adventure can be less enjoyable or downright dangerous. These are the benefits we get when we touch the beauty of Mother Nature herself. We learn responsibility, self-care and appreciation of the world around us. Developing mental and physical strength, endurance, athleticism and a healthy spirit, because the mountains are a place that can give you everything from an unforgettable experience and incredible views to test your spirit and body to maximum limit.The mountains are something unique and powerful that teaches us respect and at the same time giving us everything we need to get to know ourselves better. More often I notice the passion and desire of young people to practice this hobby, and once a person has tried the magic of the hike, it captures you forever. I think this is wonderful and everyone should touch the paradise in Bulgaria and not forget that nature does not need people, but people need nature.


by Kristiyan Antov

Participant in

YE “Save our money” in Hungary


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