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VIE+W | Unique within the variety

We live in a very vibrant and dynamic time, but we also live in a such a colorful continent which is cross-point of paths of many civilizations and cultures for centuries.

Being tolerant in Europe is quite difficult nowadays. Countries and regions are isolated from one another and this causes many problems in the society such as - limited access to education and social insecurity. We live also in a very globalized age where there are no borders between countries but borders within the mind. Being tolerant is extremely important so that every member of the society feels important and secure regardless of religion, skin-color and ethnicity.

For me the youth exchanges and training courses are ways to understand the diversity in Europe. This is an extraordinary way to feel yourself more European. Tolerance means to respect and treat everyone the same because variety makes Europe a fascinating place to live such as it was for ages.

I have taken part in a project in Turkey, not too far away from the Aegean coast. There were participants from Slovakia, Latvia, Turkey and Bulgaria. Catholics, Orthodox and Muslims having fun together!

Every night we had a cultural night together - singing traditional songs and dancing. During the project, we enhanced our ability to engage in intercultural dialogue. At the time there was military intervention close to the Syrian-Turkish border. And it was a sad moment for Turkey. But that made us understand what cultural difference is and how conflicts could be solved with debates and discussions.


by S.Ivanov

Participant in

TC “Culture as a tool of conflict resolution” in Budapest, Hungary


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