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VIE+W | Veliko Tarnovo... a city in the Middle Ages

Bulgaria is not a very big country, but it has a curious variety of landscapes and corners. You can get to know the shores of the Black Sea or the origins of present-day Bulgaria, as well as drink good wine or discover what traditional costumes are like.

This time we are going to discover Veliko Tarnovo. So that you can locate yourself, it is in the north-eastern part of the country, very close to the border with Romania. To get to this beautiful town you can go by car, by train or by bus; If you don't have a car, the fastest option is the bus. Go to the central bus station in Sofia, very close to the center, and buy a ticket at the ticket office. The price per trip is 17 leva and you can pay in cash or by card. At the bus station, you have different places to eat or drink.

Ready for the trip? After approximately three hours of travel, you arrive at the Veliko Tarnovo bus station, which is located on the outskirts of the town, a 30-minute walk from the old town, and which is the most beautiful part of the town.

Ideally, you would spend one night in town to give you time to see everything for two days. On these two days, you can visit the town simply by walking and visit its different churches and bridges. You only need to follow the main road, at the end of this is the Tsarevets fortress, the main attraction of the town. Beyond the fort, there are a couple of churches next to the river.

As a recommendation for lunch, dinner, or a drink, the Malkia Inter bar, with constant movement, a different decoration, innovative cuisine, and affordable prices. Another option is Shtastliveca, possibly the most famous restaurant in Veliko Tarnovo. The food is excellent and daring, but the attention is lousy. Likewise, if you want to eat something different, it is a wise option. To have a coffee and breakfast some sweet Samurai Specialty Coffe Shop, a specialized place, with good service and a good breakfast.

Beyond the recommendations for eating and drinking, the most important is that you simply walk looking at the streets, houses, and typical places. Veliko Tarnovo has a great tradition of craftsmanship. An inexpensive destination where you will feel like in medieval times.

Paula Barriga Perez


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