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VIE+W | Why we shouldn't discriminate different people?

O, hey, if you are reading this maybe you are as curious as me about this topic, aren’t you? Even if you aren’t in the end of this article I think you will be J. Let me tell you the main part and then we think *you for you, me for me, here*. I am going to explain you what the main problem is, what we should do and something more. Let`s begin.

The so-called different people are people with different skin complexion, weigh, gender, disability, religion, appearance, age, finances, education status and etc., as clearly evidenced in our society. Simply read a newspaper or observe a school playground. There you will find examples of minority groups being persecuted for their religious beliefs or a child being bullied because he is “too little” to play with other children. There are a lot of examples of the types of discrimination.

I think everyone of us have been discriminated somehow because of the reasons up there. It isn’t cool, is it? I personally haven’t been discriminated a lot, but I can relate so much to the those who are. Even tho, it`s not a pleasant feeling to watch it. I don’t know how you feel when you are discriminating someone on purpose. It neither brings you pleasure nor anything. I will ask you this question – What did cause it?

First, for beginning let`s play associations with the word ``discriminate``, the first noun coming to my mind is ``difference``. To yours? Okay. Is it different much different than mine? For me difference is the reason for the actions, and from our lives we notice this. Come on, people, why this word ``difference`` exist between us in this case? It is true that everyone is different in his own way but why it is one of the reasons for our segregation? I am saying ``one of them`` because there are a lot more (I`m not going to waste your time with the others) ...We have to make a change! We don’t have to look at the other people in any different way. After all I`m going to tell you what the benefits can be like for you ;).

For me everyone is the same. There is no religion, skin, weight or etc. You have to look deeper in the people *and just to make you sure in that you will find how awesome are they*. Anyway, omg, what am I talking, ha-ha. They are people just like us. They aren’t from another planet. WE are the ones who are building the wall between us and isolating them. We have to help these people to get more confident to interact with us. Although we have to make the first step to stop looking and telling them that they are different. We have to tolerate their uniqueness. Everyone is special in his own way. If they aren`t seeing this why don`t we help them? In this way you will see how happy they look, and personally for me seeing them happy also makes me happy.

As I said there are some benefits from this. First of all, you will get the opportunity to meet new nice people because of my point of view most of these people are so nice when you get to know them better. I have some really nice friends who are victims of discrimination because of their appearance and religion and for me this stupidity is no needed, at all.

You have to become more open-minded and to tolerate the different people. It is not an order. I am saying it like an advice. Also, advice you to take it. You will be happier. If you are doing good to the others, good things will happen to you.

I hope I helped someone to change his point of view on these things J. Or even made you think about this.


by Yasmin Draganova

Participant in

YE "Make social inclussion happen" in Costinesti, Romania


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