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VIEW+ | Aral's travel story

Hello everyone! First of all, I would like to answer some questions on arrival. What did I feel in my first experience abroad, how do I feel now? As a volunteer, how did I get here? And, why did I come here?

My train ticket was canceled when I first arrived in France in 2018. The first day I came to a country I didn't know, I wanted to be teleported back home. I was studying French Language and Literature but had never heard this French in Paris. I somehow managed to reach the camp. The facilities were not very good. Even though we shared a common goal with foreign people, meeting was not easy. But it was a lot of fun. Because new cultures had begun to give me new perspectives. I felt that my experiences had a positive impact on my life.

I met my first real work experience in 2019. As a receptionist, I found it very difficult and important to be patient. After those days, I learned that "getting used to the work environment" had a critical role. Meanwhile, my “EVS” applications continued. Even though I have applied to many volunteering projects after 2018, some one-year projects frightened me deep inside. Because my comfort zone was very large.

But one day, I saw the announcement of ICDET on Facebook. I graduated this year, but my body still thought I was going to school in September like a student. When we also added the virus uncertainties, there was no harm in applying to ICDET. In the application phase, I believed that any experience I will earn in Bulgaria will be good for me like France.

Finally, I can tell that I tried to explain myself by summarizing. I feel very comfortable here like I am from another city in Turkey.


Aral Dilek, volunteer@ICDET


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