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Updated: Apr 1

Our participants Fatime Shindeva and Simona Yordanova from the paased YE "Gamification exchanges" and Ilia Santov from the passed YE "Save our money" share a mutual passion: travelling. They will share with us why travelling makes them happy and the different ways and opportunities they have found to practice their hobby.

Ilia Santov

My favorite hobby is travelling. I like all kinds of travel: by car, by train, by plane, and travelling on foot. But I have never travel by ship yet.

I love to travel without a group and without a guide, despite the fact that we often find ourselves in a difficult situation in unfamiliar places. Usually, I travel with my friends. Most of all I like to travel by car and spend little time at different places. Although long journeys are tiring me sometimes, but that doesn't stop me. First of all, it’s always nice to stay in a different place for a change. Secondly, I’m interested in seeing new sights, exploring different cultures and else. Third, I love to spend time in beautiful places and admire the beauty of the natural attractions such as mountains, waterfalls, forest lakes, seas and oceans, forests, valleys, hills, etc. I went to the mountains with my friends many times. Also, I’ve visited some European cities. I’ve been in London, Prague, Vienna, Belgrade, Budapest and in other cities.

Travelling gives me a good opportunity to learn a lot about the history of the country which I visit, to see cultural and historical places, to meet people from different nationalities, to learn a lot about their traditions, customs and culture. In other words, I can expand my worldview and my mind. In the future I'm planning to visit many countries in the world, in various remote and wild places with beautiful scenery such as Cambodia, Malaysia, Brazil and Nepal.

As a hobby, travelling keeps us busy during leisure time; it is the best method to utilize time. Till a person breaks from dull routine, physically and mentally; one cannot find satisfaction. Travelling helps us to achieve this break. At a new place, one is curious to know and eager to gather all the unknown information about the place which he has neither read nor heard before he gets thrills and surprises which keep the interest and enthusiasm alive and encourages us to keep our journey on.

Fatime Shindeva

Every day, every one of us tries to spend free time to do the things that he loves, give him pleasure and get him out of the monotony everyday life. My hobby is to travel. Travel is the thing that really makes me feel happy, makes me feel good and I do it with pleasure. I’m not sure that I can call the travel a hobby, but if you ask me what I adore to do, I’ll answer you:

„To travel!”.

In this way I’m not only relaxing and making memories, but I also learn many new things and get to know new people, countries and traditions. Of course, I don’t have the opportunity to travel all the time, so I try to find another favorite activities such as reading or watching movies.

Simona Yordanova

I have always been a messy person with a little idea of what exactly makes me happy because I’d never do just one thing. To start with, I have many hobbies and own ways to spend my free time. Travelling, drawing, dancing, photographing, good music and food, projects are just one small part of my whole life. I believe that I’m not the only one who thinks that travelling and meeting new people is precious and an amazing opportunity to grow better and develop yourself. In my case, drawing, dancing and photography accompany them and while combining everything on a project is when I feel full happiness.

I love adventures. And Erasmus+ projects are such ones. Not only I can be myself while participating but also, it’s a good way to improve my skills at what I like doing. Along with positive people, good mood and new challenges, I feel most productive and accomplished. Life is changing very fast and I’d never know what is about to happen but I’m sure for one thing - I’d not stop doing what I put in my heart the most.


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