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VOLUNTEER@ICDET | Weekly Diary #47

1st week – The First Impression: One Week of Volunteers@ICDET in Hindsight

“Two things remain irretrievable: time and a first impression.” ~ Cynthia Ozick It’s nearly been two weeks since we landed in Sofia and as time passes we realize that these are the times that we will never get back again. Our first impression of Sofia has been unique so far, and as each day passes we fall in love with the city more...

At first, we were astonished by the city and the buildings,the history and all. We made memories,later on to use it in our project. We got to know the city,transportation,foods,markets,people etc..

We were welcomed to Sofia by this kind

Gentleman. We also met a lot of Erasmus students

who are in similar positions as us and we also got to know each other a lot better as a group.

Aside from office hours, we gathered at the apartment to work at home office, even at night. These were the times when we thought deeply about the ideas and combined them as one idea to make it one big Project and that is; OUR STORY.


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