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Welcome 2 Internship@ICDET Cristo!

Hi, I'm Christo Delightson. Call me Chris

Although I live in Teramo, a small town in the Abruzzo region of Italy, I am originally from Chennai, a big city in Southern India.

I'm a student at The University of Teramo, Italy, is where I am pursuing a Master's degree in the field of Management and Business Communication.

I came here to ICDET As an intern in MANAGEMENT & IT Department so, I'm here to learn Managerial and Entrepreneurial skills.

I decide to come here because the organization is one of the most active in Bulgaria. It has a wide range of international partnerships. A key feature of ICDET is that it aims to break down boundaries between Crew members in a very comfortable and friendly way, combining a hybrid method of non-formal, non-intimidating way of teaching that certainly grabs the attention of the participants for a long time. Infusing multiculturalism into one body was another success of the program. I'd call this project "Project Awesome"

In the days to come, I will focus on the objectives that are truly meant for me rather than procrastinating on something irrelevant.

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