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Welcome Aboard Anastasios!

Hello everyone,

I am Tasos, a 24-year-old Greek guy, always eager to learn and experience new situations. The city that I come from is Katerini, a small city in the region of Pieria which is a really beautiful destination for summer and winter vacations.

However I studied Accounting and Finance. My biggest passion is traveling and exploring new places, new cultures, meeting new people and listening to their stories. That’s why in 2017 I started my European projects story where I firstly participated in an Erasmus+ mobility for 6 months in Spain. After the first Erasmus it is impossible to stop, and as many people say “once Erasmus, always Erasmus”. So, the next year I learnt about Erasmus+ Youth exchanges and Training courses and I participated in a Youth exchange.

Then, I focused more on my studies and on the youth association that I am founding member in my city, Katerini, named as “Youth engagement Network of Katerini” where we did many workshops and activities with the local youth of Katerini.Then I took a break from everything because I had 8-months of mandatory army duties in Cyprus and afterwards I continued my Erasmus stories and I went for two other Erasmus+ Training courses.

Before finishing my studies, I had my internship in an Audit company of Thessaloniki where I understood myself and I decided that I want to follow a different path and not that of Accounting. I was not sure about what I want to follow, and for that reason last year I had some European Solidarity Corps Volunteering projects, the one 2 months in Bulgaria and the other one in Spain for 9-months where I worked in different fields as youth worker and project manager and I afterwards I applied for an Erasmus internship in ICDET with my main aim to learn more about the HR department, try to work in a bit different field from that I was working before and learn more about how a youth association works.

All these European experiences absolutely changed my life and my mindset and gave me the opportunity to develop my soft and hard skills, to learn many different things and to work in many different fields and departments with people all over the world. The truth is that I still try to understand exactly what I want to be in my future job which will make me happy and I am sure that through my experience here, in ICDET, I will come closer to my future decisions.


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