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We are welcoming our new ESC Volunteer Duru under the project "Socia Impact" starting from 01 September to 28 October 2021.


I am Esra Duru, I am 22 years old and I live in Turkey. I am an international relations student in Kocaeli University. I love learning more about different countries' history and culture, so I decided to come to Sofia. The country is so interesting and the expected day has came I was excited and actually still continue. Firstly, I applied for a visa and one month later my visa application was approved then I started the preparation bag. On September 1st, I landed at Sofia Airport with another friend from Turkey.

ICDET sent someone to greet us. It was a very nice welcome and after that I knew that the process here would go very well. Then they took us to our accommodation, I really liked it, everything was thought of in the rooms. and my roommate is a very friendly, sweet Spaniard, Paula. Actually also the other guys - every participant is perfect in French, Spanish, Italian … they are so funny. We are learning different skills from each other and we fit each other in every way. I've only been here for a week, but it's been a busy week. We visited Sofia city center, museums, cathedral …it was amazing experience. I'm planing a lot of interesting events and materials!

Stay tuned!


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