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Welcome Aboard Giulia!

My name is Giulia. I’m Italian and I live in Macerata, a town in the Marche region, in the centre of Italy and i`m here for internship in HR & Training department of ICDET

I am 26 and I’m studying Global Politics and International Relations in my town. I decided to propose myself as a project developer for ICDET because when I finish studying, I am interested in looking for a job in social contexts and furthermore I would like to have an experience abroad on my own, testing my independence. During my Civil Service experience, I taught Italian language to immigrants-asylum seekers and foreign people that live in the territory of my city. I think that inclusion through education can be the key for a society based on equality and peace.

In general, I’d like to be useful to people who need help: my happiness is always satisfied by the contact with others. This experience provides me with the possibility to enter in contact with new cultures while having concrete working experience; all this in a concentrated period of two months. In my free time I love going out with my friends, watching movies and reading. I am particularly interested in cinema. I love passing time with my family, I’m very close to it, I consider myself a girl who has had the good fortune to grow up with sound values and with an open mind and I feel the necessity to transmit these values and this love. As for sports I like swimming; I swam for several years but in general I am not very good at sports, I’m pretty clumsy. I love travelling and visiting new cities…I left my heart in Paris, I found it unique: every corner is a work of art!

I consider myself an empathic, spontaneous and ironic person. I have good self-confidence, I believe in myself and others too. I strongly think that challenges in life make change possible, people can change, situations can change, if there is a real desire to make it happen.

I also appreciate cute and funny animals very much, I can’t resist them definitely. I also like to go hiking with my friends and enjoy the quiet of nature. I hope to bring to this organization a contribution at the level of innovative ideas that can be implemented with respect to social contributions… I’ll do my best!


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