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Enzo Graziani - VET Trainee, Italy


I would say that this Erasmus+ program is a very good experience that teaches you a lot.  Before we landed in Sofia I was a little bit anxious but after some time I was good.  Next, The task that the tutor gave us was very interesting because I learned how to program a website With WordPress.  Furthermore, I learned a lot of soft and hard skills like working with a group and problem-solving. So, I recommend every people To join this beautiful experience because this will change your life.

Chiara Landi - VET Trainee, Italy


This experience has been really useful for improving my soft and hard skills. In addition, it was a good organization from the hosting partner and the company

Megane Buenviaje - VET Trainee, Italy


I really enjoyed this experience, especially because I strongly believe that the competences I learned and improved in this Erasmus+ journey will be really useful for my future career.

Carolina Ciccolini - VET Trainee, Italy


In my experience, I can say I found the better circumstances I could ever imagine, I found a cohesive and close-knit group, a job where they don't leave you behind but encourage you to do more and better than before, where if you need help, you find someone ready to help you.

I didn't find any problem, the accomodation was perfect, the way they want you to get used to approaching sustainability and achieving a greener lifestyle.

Tria - International associate, Bali, Indonesia


It’s been about five years working with ICDET and it has indeed been a very enriching experience for us. It is an organization which offers opportunities for everyone to foster and grow both professionally and personally. Peers at ICDET are extremely encouraging, talented and like one big family who is always around to support at times of need. Overall ICDET has been one of the best partners to work with.

Miloš Ilić -  ESC Volunteer, Serbia


Great experience, if you want to develop yourself you should definitely consider Erasmus+ projects. ICDET organisation is at the maximum level of professionalism, communication and dedication.

Sofia Tonellotto - Erasmus+ Intern, Italy


Thanks to the Erasmus+ I was able to spend three months in Sofia to carry out my curricular internship at ICDET. My internship took place mainly in the human resources department where I was able to put into practice the knowledge developed at university and compare myself for the first time with the world of work. I worked on the creation or improvement of evaluation forms for training courses, helped with the organization of interviews and creation of materials for social media, creation and management of ice breakers for events ... but this experience did not only work, I'm thankful for everything.

Rosario Musacchia -  Erasmus+ Intern, Italy


I'm very thankful to the ICDET organization for giving me the opportunity to be part of a great team and to be part of useful projects that gave me the opportunity to improve my language and professional skills.

Filip Zdraveski -  VET Trainee, North Macedonia


This is a project that for some of us can't be explained with plain words but with emotions, memories and knowledge that this project allowed us to have. The practice and knowledge that Erazmus+ offers us are indescribable, also the chance for us to meet new people and see new things is simply unique.

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