At ICDET we have an extensive experience in finding the suitable work placements for our participants. Placements fully rely on the trainee’s language skills and on their vocational training and experience. If necessary, ICDET will alter work placements in order to better fit the needs and wishes of each participant. We offer placements in practically every economic sector. The position offered is likely to be influenced by the applicants English Language level, but also by the length of the internship, as well as previous professional experience and education. Work placements are offered in companies of the private sector, governmental organizations, NGO’s, schools, colleges, and universities. We seek to achieve our goal by being in permanent contact with the participants, and each participant will be given a tutor who will maintain contact throughout the mobility period.

Participants can only change a work placement when presenting reasonable causes. Attendance and punctuality in work placements are important for us. At the end of the program a final report will be produced, using information from the preparation course, from the tutor as well as information from the employer.

We arrange internships in Bulgaria for:

– Individual students or graduates

– Organized groups of students in cooperation with their school/sending organization

We arrange internships throughout the year.  The start can be any month as long as we have enough time in advance.

What duration?
The minimal duration of internships is 2 weeks till 1 year.

What host organisations?
We place trainees  in companies and organisations in a wide variety of industries and of all sizes. They are Bulgarian,  foreign or well-known international corporations in all sectors.

We provide our partners and trainees all services and local support to make sure they get the most of the experience without risks and hassle. We make sure trainees have been taken care of and can focus on the training and their work performance. 

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Architecture & Engeneering
Art , Dance & Music
Beauty Care
Business Administration
Car repairing & Technician
Chemical Production and Biotech.
Electrics & Electronics
Graphics & Design
IT and CIS
Media & Photography
Hotel & Tourism
Social care & Medicine
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Filip Zdraveski,

Medical student

This is a project that for some of us can't be explained with plain words but with emotions, memories and knowledge that this project allowed us to have. The practice and knowledge that Erazmus+ offers us is undescribable, also the chance for us to meet new people and see new things is simply amazing.

Melisa Ibraim,

Medical student

The opportunity of having the most wonderful chance for one medical student which is associated with this project, is undescribable.



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