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Gender equality and the fight against discrimination are basic values upon which the EU is founded. However, much remains to be done in the EU and in the world to create a common ground of equal society. This project is socio-educational and focused on increasing the capacities of organizations working in the area of gender equality and awareness of gender equality. Its main objectives are the capacity building of NGOs in the area of usage of social media and open educational resources.

Nowadays, social media has been widely used in our societies which potentially become a powerful tool for women’s rights and gender equality empowerment. Its soft power can bring attention, galvanize action, and encourage policymakers to step up commitments to gender equality. Thus, literacy to understand the impact and how to use social media effectively is important, especially for the young generations. To raise awareness of women’s roles in society, to stop domestic violence against women, or to eliminate discrimination in employment, capacity building on using the proper social media and how to use it comprehensively and effectively to bring attention to the public is the key. 

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