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26/11 - 02/12/2022 - Sevlievo, Bulgaria
The project promotes non-formal learning mobility and active participation among young people, as well as cooperation, inclusion, creativity, and innovation in a global environmental situation. We create a network of young people conscious of their actions and how they can affect not only their own and the population's health but also the global environmental situation, implementing simple actions in their households. This enables the establishment of young and active citizens, a key component to developing and supporting the implementation of European strategic education and training cooperation on youth policy focused on environmental issues.
Additionally, the project is strongly linked to the aims of Youth Exchanges. In particular, the project wants to raise awareness about socially relevant topics, such as the environment, food decisions, health, and the relationship between them. Thus, it will stimulate engagement in society and active participation, creating a group of young people who are really aware of their actions. The participants will have the opportunity to learn and disseminate the experience in their countries of origin


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