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Ka204 Strategic Adult – Bitola , “S.M.A.R.T.”

In current times, import and export of goods play an important part in the development and growth of national economies. But not all countries have the resources and skills required to produce certain goods and services, therefore it is very common the process of import and export for such purpose. Anyway, when we go deeper into the issue, we can clearly see that even though the rising of a country’s economy due to export/import is put on risk (since countries impose trade barriers – tariffs and import quotas in order to protect their domestic industries). This is one of the reasons for the creation of this project, whose main aim is to encourage the setting up of organic production enterprises, and to encourage the entrepreneurship spirit in people. It is the idea not only to motivate adults, but also help them in understanding the main reasons, present them all aspects in order to have in mind the actual situation and the cause for this initiative, as well as the expected results and outcomes from taking such step, by bringing them closer to a sustainable model of production. Our project will have an elaborate approach and a previously well prepared strategy that will be transmitted to all the participants and parties involved. Every phase of the project will be based on active participation and engagement, with a tendency of empowering adults in the organic production and the development of startup enterprises.

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