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KA2 Green All Together first learning teaching activity

The first learning teaching activity "Biofuel Production From Waste (Compost)" took place in Istanbul in March 2023, and so did the second LTA "Microalgae as Alternative Food" earlier this May.

During the first LTA, the participants were introduced to renewable energy and the importance of biofuels. They learned how to help a struggling economy by providing jobs and how to help in reducing greenhouse gases.

The second LTA taught participants about alternative foods and their importance for a green environment. They explored ways how to combat poverty by utilizing unexplored food potentials, and also how to contribute to reducing greenhouse gases.

We have more to do and more youngsters to educate. Stay tuned for future developments of this forward-thinking and innovative project.

The project "Green All Together" - "GreAT" (2021-2-TR01-KA220-YOU-000051201) is an Erasmus+ project led by Istanbul University and co-funded by the Turkish National Agency within the Erasmus+ Programme.

The partnership consists of 6 partners: Istanbul University, Nishantashi University, ICDET, CRD - SEE, ADEFIS JI, and Inercia Digital, from 4 countries: Turkiye, Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Spain.

The project idea stems from Environmental problems and Climate change and aims at raising environmental awareness through the creation and use of Eco-friendly products. What we work towards is the adoption of Green behaviours and assuming Responsibility for the climate crisis by young people and people in general.


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