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Workshop "Do´s and Don´ts in training of Entrepreneurs"

Workshop "Do´s and Don´ts in training of Entrepreneurs"

Training of Entrepreneurs can be a great challenge - independent if they are "entrepreneurs to be" or well established and experienced. In this workshop we will discuss and share experiences on successful and not so successful activities and settings. We are now preparing this event and an invitation will be sent to all members of the SME Academy Network if you are not a member yet - join us. One of the hosts for this workshop will be Esther Gonzalez from Magenta Consultoria, experienced in training of entrepreneurs since many years. As your online Moderator you will find Kenneth OE Sundin, SME Academy.

Online workshop - 29th May 2018 - 10.00-11.30 AM CET

Kenneth OE Sundin - training Swedish Entrepreneurs in Time Management

As a base we we will use some common ways of learning and and different types of material to be used. -Learning by doing -Learning by Google -Learning in the workplace -Learning in a face to face environment -Learning in an online environment -Stand alone material -Supported by a teacher/tutor/guide/coach/mentor -In a group vs by myself

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