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LIFE+ | EVS @ ICDET Weekly diary 12

This week has began in a different way for Mauro, in order to understand better the legal part of his personal project he had chance to following Ivan Ivanov and Zahari during their legal enrolment of their new funded company. We cannot say nothing about, is their business, but for Mauro was a nice opportunity to facing the reality of legal issues and complexity of bureaucracy.

Zeynep is becoming more close and participative in our media team, she has great ideas and lots of imagination.

Sonly you will watch first stop motion video on ICDETv, this is Zeynep’s and Ewa’s artwork, with plasticine and carton box you can create nice stories. As usual Mauro likes to work behind the camera, this week he had chance to shoot Martin’s Story. Martin is a very special guy that in this eleven months in Sofia has doing great things, you will see him in next production, together with a new entry in ICDET team. You show your appreciation for language challenges, so this week we recorded, together with our Zeynep and Ilker, Turkish Language Challenge, you’ll find it very funny, I am sure!

Office is become more crowded, SO we need more space, SO it is summer and the weather is nice and we can use some space outside, SO SONLY we will officially announce a novelty….

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