LIFE+ | 26th music festival- ‘WE-XXI century’

Sun, sand, amazing beaches, anything more to ask for? Sunny beach- a place where magic was made, 15 volunteers and 250 participants were gathered for such an international event- the 26th music festival- ‘WE-XXI century’ which was held in Sunny beach, Bulgaria from 18th to 22nd August. Pupils from Malta, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Ukraine and beyond were enjoying the international music, company and activities organized by us – the volunteers from Macedonia and Serbia. We never knew that young children can be so talented with huge vocals and amazing dance moves and have the courage to stand on a stage in front of an enormous audience, moreover to amaze every single person, to shake you of your feet, to touch your soul!

In reference to our work. We organized sport and art workshops where we connected the children from different age groups and cultures, likewise for us too. Nevertheless the busy schedule, we attended in the concerts where all those beautiful crazy kids were taking up the stage with their professionalism, seriousness and most of all, their voices! As volunteers we had the opportunity to teach these kids a special dance that we created before their arrival. Furthermore, we had the opportunity to present it on the welcome party that we prepared, then be shooting it with professionals on the beach and on the last Gala closing concert, all together, we danced it on the St. Vlas amphitheatre stage. You can not imagine the joy bursting from their eyes, the happiness in their laughter, the gratefulness in their hugs! With regard to our activities, imagine a big sandy beach, the Black Sea and the sun and then add the volunteers with the children playing in the water with a ball, others doing sprints as well as making sand castles. So you can get the feeling of the perfectness of that day, But now, how you ever been in an unplanned water balloon fight? Well, those kids faced that from us, which afterwards was fairly revenged by them. You can’t imagine the feeling that we had when you know that about 40 people will throw water bombs at you- just 15 volunteers, which didn’t give us a choice but eventually to end up using the water gun- the hose! We had mask making more precisely Kukeri as well as football and basketball matches, moreover we prepared even a treasure hunt which was one of the best activities because we wanted to make fun of the kids and we planted fake clues. In spite of all, they finished the hunt and found treating themselves with candy! Yes, we already know that