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LIFE+ | YE Sports back to the tradition STARTS

YE Sport Back to traditions will promote the value of sport as a tool for social inclusion and active participation. Taking into account the important values that traditional sports and games offer, through the educational, culture, communicative and health promoting role towards the overall development of the individual and one's community we will also tackle the topic of equality. This games heritage lies at the very foundation of ourrespective cultural traditions. Sports are expressions of the native culture and life systems contributing to theidentity of human beings. Considering that traditional sports and games being less susceptible to the temptations of excessive commercialization, manipulation, and doping, can streng then the values of sport and the spirit of “fair-play”, Further taking into account that they do not demand substantial material and financial resources or investments, but they can contribute to better intercultural understanding and mutual tolerance, both within and among the communities of nations we’ll come to the fundamental right of movement, sport and games as a constituent of the quality of life and development of a whole personality. In the end we will present one show of traditional sports. Videos and promotional materials will be also made for multiplying and dissemination. Starting with energizers, ice breaking, team building, presentation of Erasmus + to presentation of countries, we will create IC spirit and pleasant learning experience for participants; reflect on different cultural expressions, and create a bridge between cultures for a better mutual comprehension. Sports are part of intangible heritage and a symbol of the cultural diversity of our societies. They are also an efficient means to convey values of solidarity, diversity, inclusiveness and cultural awareness. Active participation will be not only presented but encouraged for our participants coming from different parts of Europe. During 8 days (planned dates 01 - 08 October 2018), people from Estonia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Croatia and Macedonia will get the chance to be part of this YE.

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