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LIFE+| Start of training for wine sommeliers in Portugal

Participants sent by ICDET arrived in Porto to take participation in our partner project training.

The training for wine sommeliers will take place in Povoa de Varzim, Portugal in the period 9-16 November 2018. It's the first training (C1 part) from the KA2 project Cheese and wine and tourism will shine. The project will collect 10 participants per country (Bulgaria, Macedonia, Portugal and Spain) who will be trained in line with the curriculum developed (IO1) and the materials (I03) using different methods of non-formal learning like: couching, practical instructions, games, peer learning, group discussions etc. Participants also will have the possibility to visit one old winery in Porto and one restaurant, specialized in wine serving.

Follow the training updates on our facebook page and project facebook page

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