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LIFE+ | EVS @ ICDET Weekly Diary

Here is the starting day of the week! Good morning to whole Sofia! Good morning to where I live, Druzhba! Other two EVS’s left the apartment so I’m going to be alone for all week. It’s going to be different for me because I really got used to them. New volunteers will come soon so I’m curious about them. Anyway, let’s start to Monday. After breakfast, I went to Hotel Forum, Sofia with my coordinator. There was a workshop called KA2 Agro-Youth Entrepreneurship, organised by ICDET. I met with some participants of workshop (from Spain and Estonia) and worked in hotel. This was amazing for me, it was breathing the international air J After that, I came to apartment and I cleaned apartment and washed my clothes. Eventually, I enjoyed the rest of the day. Listening music and watching series…

Surprise! I got phone call from my mother in the morning. Finally, they adopted little puppy J I’m so happy. I can’t wait to see him. I had a breakfast in the morning. I tidied my room. I didn’t go to work. I worked from apartment, watching movie and after that I met with my friends. That was amazing. We went to pub and enjoyed our time. Look at my friend Irina from Ukraine. She learned Turkish J

I’m at middle of the week. I had whole day with my friends. In the morning, I had breakfast at the apartment. That was such a coffee day! I need more caffeine because of last night! J However; I think that I need more and more coffee for tomorrow also, because we planned to go to club Terminal 1! I met with my friends at the lunch. We ate delicious Bulgarian doner with garlic sauce at Druzhba. After that, we went to super market, Kaufland and we did shopping. We bought Zagorka beer (Believe me! Zagorka is the best beer in here! And guest what it’s really cheap!) and Savoy Vodka (of course Bularian brand) for night J We drank these at the outside with listening songs. It was international music night J After that, we went to club Terminal 1 and guess what, that was amazing. In that club, music was really good for dance and also there was lots of young people from other countries.

Oww! Last night was incredible! I slept at 5 am in the morning. I think, we closed the club Terminal 1! We danced there whole night! Anyways, I slept for 2 hours and I went to Hotel Forum for making interviews with participants. My coordinator took me there and we shot videos. I and Lily, who is managing editor at ICDET, were interviewer in the videos. Actually, I learned how to conduct interview. Above all, I met with great people. I met with İbrahim, who is Turkish but he is from Georgia, Ana from Georgia and Veronica from Estonia. That was good for me to increase my communication skills with international people. I learned lots of things about this workshop and projects about youth. By the way, I got my European Youth Card. Thus, I got the chance of discounts J I think, I need to sleep…

The last day of the week! This week was incredible! I love Sofia so much! <3 Yesterday my friends left Sofia and they went to their home country. Eventually, last night, I slept early. I woke up more energetic in the morning. I had breakfast. I listened to music. Alright, now I’m ready for work. I went to office and guess what? I worked at office J I love working at office. I drink the best coffees in here J Serious working, yeah this is our style at office, but of course we share lots of funny moments too.

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