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LIFE+ | EVS @ ICDET Weekly Diary


Here is the first day of the week! Zdraveite! Hello! I woke up with the desire of coffee! After coffee and breakfast, I went to office for working. Today is going to be a day for only work. I know it will be boring but at least I’ll learn lots of things from every piece of work in here. I know that this experience at ICDET will open a door in my carrier. I already learned lots of things about social media management and thinking internationally.



Good morning! Today I have an invitation to a concert for soundtracks of movies from my Bulgarian friend, at Serdika. Work, work, work! After work, now the time for joy J In the evening, I walked around Serdika and discover the Center more.

After discovering, I went the home and eat pasta. Then, I went to Serdika again for the wonderful concert. That was amazing J


I’m at middle of the week. After breakfast, I went to office and worked on website and infographic video. I want to do this for the first time. What will happen I’ll see. I searched different websites for creating that kind of video. Oh Mamma mia! I ate margarita pizza again in the restaurant close to office. That was good and tasty. After working at office, I went to home and rest. I also found my favourite TV series “Friends” in Bulgari at the TV. That was interesting for me and I enjoyed with the language difference J


Добро утро (Dobro utro)! Good morning! I had a breakfast and I went to office. I’m still working on infographic video stuff. I went to Doner House for taking delicious doner as a lunch. After that, I worked again. I went to home and prepared myself to go shopping. I bought fruits for vitamins J and of course I lost myself in the Bulgarian tasty junk food like biscuits, chocolates etc J


The last day of the week! This week was a little bit tired! However, today is the day for going to sing at Art Center Karnolsky. I was so happy when I was singing. My coordinator took me there, after work. I felt so happy, the music and the way of singing was nice.

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