VIE+W | Good practices in the elimination of discrimination

There are numerous kinds of discrimination – it can be based on age, color, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation and many more. Most probably every single person on this planet every day either becomes a victim of discrimination or witnesses some kind of discrimination without even realizing it. Even I was not realizing it before I participated in few Erasmus+ youth exchanges which were connected with this topic.

The first project I’m going to talk about is called “Europeans against racism and intolerance” which took place in Poland, Murzasichle in the period 11-18 March, 2018. It gathered 42 youngsters from 6 European countries – Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Turkey. The project was mainly focused on the topic of Migration and Refugee crisis. Apart from the energizers and different non-formal games we had a lot of discussions and even debates where everyone was freely expressing his/her opinion. We built very fast an environment where every single opinion was heard and respected, even though most of the time there were disagreements. I think that one of the good practices in the elimination of discrimination is indeed the freedom of expressing one’s opinion and not being judged by other people. Respect is the key of humanity’s bright future.

The second aspect of the project that I really loved and learned a lot from was the presentations of each country about the refugee crisis. In Bulgaria nowadays we don’t actually have a crisis, at least not as big as the one in Germany, for example. This is why most Bulgarians think that we don’t have refugees. Other Bulgarians think that refugees are not our problem as long as they don’t cause problems or don’t live in our country. If I got a dollar for every single time I heard the expression – “Who cares where they go, as long as they don’t stay here”, I would have been rich