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VIE+W | What I know about Erasmus+ program and why I want to take a part in YE “Communication master

Erasmus+ is a program funded by the EU. It gives the opportunity to many youths from different EU countries to participate in it and also to cooperate with each other.

I have a strong motivation to take part in such social project, mostly because I‘m interested in my personal development. I think it will be really useful for my future not only in personal perspective, but also in my carrier plan.

Communication is all around us so we don’t have a choice. We couldn’t hide or even run away from it. It’s a challenge we should overcome. Even when you just sit somewhere with your friends, colleagues or strangers you know, communication will be one of the most important skills you have. This doesn’t mean that you have to speak in a certain way, just be yourself and tell all that you want, but also be careful.

Most of the people think that communication is not so useful, but I just can say that without it we won’t have a truly friends and strong relationship with our family.

I want to take a part in Erasmus+ project YE “Communication Masters”, because this is the best way to improve not only my communication skills, but also you can work in a team with other young people, change experience and learn something new and interesting. I am really excited because of it. In many ways you could use all of the learned there in the future.

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