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VIE+W | Erasmus+ is for you, for me, for him, for her..!

The life of a person is a string of moments. Moments of joy, sadness, shared love, dreams or desires. At the most important moments of change - when you are determined to change the place, the people who turn, and why you are not - the way of thinking, the character or simply rediscover yourself.

At this point in my life, I went to my first project. One of the many students who have been lecturing many times, and have been relieved of attempts to communicate students and work. I wanted dating, emotions and memories. Something new and different… change!

And I got it.

I left only with a full suitcase, a wide smile and the feeling that something good would happen to me. Without expectations, no fear.

After many things that I have been told before I become a sufferer to say before a publication, I would like to discuss with people in English, the first field that went abroad and the communication with many different people, I understood the following:

Erasmus+ is a change. You change yourself, reinvent yourself, and thus change the world around you.

Erasmus+ is knowledge - you learn to fight with fears, rely on someone, communicate with ease and accept criticism.

Erasmus+ is an adventure. The application, which creates new and beautiful memories, enables you to improve your skills and get to know the culture of many countries.

Erasmus+ is a "drug". More and more - more trips, new friendships, sleepless nights, pleasant memories.

Erasmus+ is for the brave. For people who want to try something new and to unlock the day-long routine.

Erasmus+ is for you, for me, for him, for her ... It is for all dreamers, adventurers who chase the wild, not domesticate the animal.

Erasmus+ is freedom!


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