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PEOPLE+ | How creating has changed my life

Nothing sparks more joy in me than the process of creation. Ever since I was little I have enjoyed embarking on different projects that depend on imagination and creativity. These projects would ultimately become my main goal at that specific time, I would neglect my physical well-being by forgetting to eat or sleep. However, it was the different stages of the project that made it worthwhile. Sleepless nights meant more satisfaction with the end product. Creating something means leaving a part of you in it. It is therefore no longer a mere object, rather than something prized and special. The ability to forge components that carry no meaning by themselves into one perfectly new ,full of potential creation, is a gift only few people get to enjoy.

A creator shares a unique connection with the creation, which makes it so valuable. The main reason being that the creation is a reflection of the author’s inner world. The thought process that is involved in the making is what differentiates all mass-produced objects from the creator’s touch. In my opinion the manual production of even the simplest everyday-objects can change a person’s outlook and attitude. That is why I love spending my time creating.

My hobbies include creating in all its different forms. I find that drawing , sewing , sculpting ,designing and maybe even cooking can be recognized as an art form. To me art is nothing more than reality as seen through the lens of someone unique, someone, who is capable of seeing the potential of the unpolished diamond and does not comply with the outlook of the regular person.

I first began sculpting, because I felt that it gave me the power to express myself through a rough and unsophisticated material . I am then able to transform that shapeless, useless piece that is of no significance and turn it into something beautiful. I find that to be a necessity in the otherwise gloomy 21st century. It is only the strokes of the brush, the touch of the craftsman that can convey the otherwise invisible human emotions in a physical form and lighten our mediocre existence. Thanks to them we are able to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Dexterity can be useful in everyday situations, but it has permanently changed my life for the better in various ways. Every small creation I make gives me the confidence that I can achieve my goals with hard work and dedication. Sometimes certain projects prove to be difficult,but that has never stopped me from completing them.

What I have taken from this a strong determination to face all difficulties and find solutions to my problems in nontraditional ways.”Thinking out of the box” is one of the most important qualities I have gained from my experiences in creating. The ability to find solutions in an unconventional way has helped me see the brighter side of life and find beauty in simplicity. Moreover, it has given me meaning, a clear goal to follow, and a passion to wake up with whenever I have a project in mind.

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