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VIE+W | Discrimination

Lately I have been a witness of a different kind of discrimination that no one speaks about. Maybe the worst part of the discrimination that I see is related to the elderly people in Bulgaria. It’s sad to see how everybody avoids helping them in any rate – in hospitals, in shops, on the public transport. And for me this is the type of discrimination that bothers me. Not respecting adults is a huge problem not only for Bulgarian people but also everywhere abroad. The roots of this problem are hidden in the family. In my opinion the personal example of any parent is directly reflecting to their children so apparently the problem can be avoided only if we start to care and teach our children how they are supposed to treat the rest of the people no matter the age, social status or color of the skin.

Unfortunately recently I see that well-behaved model is something like ‘old-fashioned’ manner that everyone is basically ashamed to do it. I think that whatever wrong happens in the society you can find the actual reasons in the family. Lack of understanding, lack of love, lack of time for the members of your family, lack of education is the main thing that stands behind the bigger social problems. Everyone needs to put effort in showing good attitude towards anyone we meet daily. To change our selfish nature is step number one if we want to see improvement and development in our society and country. People are always busy, on a rush but that doesn’t mean that we have to be rude to one another. With the constant rudeness and lack of tolerance we stimulate the aggression to increase. We can see it on the news, at schools and even in the shop in your neighborhood.

We need to start caring. We need to be a good example for the children, because they are our future and that future depends on us. We build it every day.

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