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LIFE+ | EVS@ICDET weekly diary

We had a extra free day becasue we worked at festival last week. First day i stayed at home to rest. Next day i went to mall and i went out at the night of that day. Last day of free days i tried to discover some places in Sofia.

The first day of the week we made mentor meeting session to solve some accommodation problems. And after that session we and Aleksandra discuss about the activities that we want to do together.

At Tuesday, I made an English Class session with the girls which I met at Sunday. English Class Session was doing Sofia tour with the same girls. Others did shootings in Kaufland for the Bulgarian Class Session. It was a challenge that is needed to find a specific Bulgarian labeled food. It was beneficial for the girls and me. After that I came home and rest.

At Wednesday, we discovered some local places to eat different kind with Aleksandra. It was helpful to learn some good quality places.

At Thursday, we made some preparations for our own personal projects. Then, we made a session to learn more about Youthpass and Europass with Zachari.

And the final day of week, we made some critisings about personal projects and weekly schedules. And, for the next week, we made some preparations. For the rest of the day everybody focused on their own personal projects.

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