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LIFE+ | KA2 European response in migration and integration

The training course of the KA2 project “European response in migration and integration” took place in Struga, Macedonia in the period 08-14 March 2019. There were participants from Bulgaria, Georgia, Estonia, Macedonia, Germany and Spain.

At the same time there was another project. We spent our free time with the participants of the second project. In this way we exchanged knowledge about both projects at the same time. The first day we traveled through the various monasteries (female and male) as well as through the Muslim mosques. This is how we met the different cultures and religions that the various nations are confessing. This gives information about why some people migrate to different countries. One of the biggest reasons is because of religious views.

We also had a trip to the Macedonian capital - Skopje. There, we examined the architecture and became more familiar with the history of their country.

The next day began with toning exercises in the yard to break the walls between the participants and give them a more informal conversation. The work on the project was in such an informal setting. The leading methodology, learning by work, work monitoring, seminar, training of trainers and coordination meetings. We were constantly splitting into small teams to get the participants together faster and understanding the migration problems of different countries from their people.

The first task was for each country to write the reasons for immigration and emigration in their country.

For the second task we were divided into 4 randomly generated teams. The themes were: "Information about Migration", "European Voluntary Service", "Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration" and "Culture and Migration”.

The third task was about the difference between Training course and Youth Exchange. Because most participants in this project were for the first time on a European project and so they were better acquainted with the different programs of Erasmus +.

The last task for the day was .... For her we were again divided into 2 new randomly generated teams. The themes were “Youth Pass” and “Funds and grands to support migration”.

In the evening there was an intercultural night, where representatives of all countries from both projects presented local national food and drinks.

The next day, we had to find information and record videos in different languages on three different topics - "The main terminology in migration” (migrant, immigrant, emigrant, refugee, asylum seeker), "Migrants and Education" (How migrants to get high quality education), etc.


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