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VIE+W | What do I think about the media? Did the project make me want to continue my development in

Тhe media is something very powerful and dangerous and I think the majority doesn’t realize it. Other thing that I observe is that people don’t know how to use it in a right way or they believe everything that they read, hear or see. Lately the social media is mostly used for manipulation and propaganda. And we are just so blind to see. People must be more responsible for what they read and believe. The news should be double-checked. Sometimes we even help sharing lies because we have just heard something and decided to repost or tell it to a friend. We become a part from and endless circle of lies and fake news.

Тhis project helped me to realize how important is to read more and more in order to get as much as possible from the truth. It made me think further about how I let someone’s opinion in some article to reflect on my own way of thinking. After the project I have started to choose better for where I get the information I need. I use more secure and trustworthy sources of information. I also try to explain to my parents the same think, because I have noticed that people around certain age don’t know how to use the social media in the right way. Most of them think that ‘all that glitters is gold'. So, I think my mission as their child is to inform them as well and help them about media.

At last I think that the mass media can be very helpful and useful thing we just need to be aware and prepared about the bad sides of it.

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