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2021 is the European Year of Rail

2021 marks the European Year of Rail, an initiative proposed by the European Commission as part of the EU’s efforts under the European Green Deal to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

This initiative is an opportunity to highlight the benefits of rail as a sustainable, smart and safe means of transport. A number of events and activities will be organised throughout 2021, aiming to put railways in the spotlight, restore customer confidence and encourage more people to use this mode of transport, reaching out in particular to the younger generations.

UIC is pleased to be part of this initiative and plans to organise a series of events involving a variety of sector activities (from passenger to sustainable development, mobility and the new normal, to name a few).

This dedicated webpage provides an overview of events this year – either hosted by or involving UIC – as well as associated communication materials and media, and will be updated on a regular basis. #EUYearofRail


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