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CHE+F | Flour Halva by Ece Can

Ece Can is showing us one of most delicious and famous Turkish delight during her Erasmus+ Internship experience together with ESC volunteers in ICDET


  1. One glass of oil

  2. 125 gr. butter

  3. Three glasses of flavour

For its sherbet:

  1. One glass of water

  2. One glass of sugar

Preparation of:

  1. First, let's prepare the syrup without boiling it.

  2. Let's add sugar and mix until it melts in a deep bowl.

  3. Then we drop the oils in the pan and melt.

  4. We add the flour and fry it over medium heat until it turns brown.

  5. We reduce the gold and pour the sugar water slowly. Meanwhile, we mix it quickly, cook it for two or three minutes until it is recovered, turn off the bottom and let it rest for ten minutes.

  6. We give it the shape we want.

History of Flour Halva

Flour halva is a famous Turkish dessert, the main ingredients of which are flour, milk, butter and sugar, which is especially made on holidays, oil lamps and Thursday nights.

Why is it done?

Sometimes it is done in order to tell about joys and to share with neighbors and loved ones. It is a sociological phenomenon before it becomes a taste that delights the palate in Turkish cuisine. It is actually a matter of sharing, helping and commemorating the origin. It is obtained very cheaply, but its place in Turkish society is spiritually strong and a value that will not disappear. Halva, which is widely used in Ottoman cuisine, sometimes sweetens the palate with pine nuts. As with water or milk, it can also be applied with a softer consistency by changing the main ingredient, butter, only with oil.


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