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KA2 Green All together third international meeting

The project Green All Together ♻️, co-financed by the Turkish National Agency under the #Erasmus+ program, held the third international meeting.

The event was hosted by the Center for the Development of Rural Areas Association - DJIE.

The meeting was held at the Association Center for Rural Development - SEE Struga with coordinators from partner organizations: Kasarna HUB International Center for Development of Education and Training, Inertia Digital and of course the hosts ISTANBUL UNIVERSITY

The purpose of the meeting was to review events to date, review what has been achieved and determine the next steps.

At the moment, we are halfway through the project, so the emphasis is also on the evaluation of what has been achieved and the results that the project activities provide.

The theme of this project is to raise awareness of changing habits and take concrete steps to combat pollution such as plastic, global warming


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