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New KA2 partnership project aprooved - Social Media literacy for #WOMENRIGHTS

Gender equality and fight against discrimination are basic values on which EU is founded upon. However, much remains to be done in the EU and in the world to create a common ground of equal society. This project is socio-educational, focused on increasing the capacities of organizations working in the area of gender equality and awareness of gender equality. Its main objectives are the capacity building of NGOs in the area of usage of social media and open educational resources.

For our project, the main idea of creation of open educational resources is even more valuable as we consider that very important part is the Team gathering from South America, Africa, Asia and Europe. An experienced team of organizations working for a long time in this area. This means that the team will be able to share experience, learn and develop, network and exchange good practices.


Spain - applicant, Italy, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Cape Verde, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Indonesia


1st coordination meeting “Social Media literacy for #WOMANRIGHTS” - Madrid, Spain

Study visit “Learning, sharing, knowing and reacting”- Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Workshop on Documents and Institutions supporting gender equality - Rayong, Thailand

Training for trainers “Social media literacy #womenrights” - Sofia, Bulgaria

Workshop on development of open educational resources - Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Job shadowing “Woman connected” - Madrid, Spain



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