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ReuseIT Workshop: The Story of Plastic Bottle

The topic of the workshop Rana organized was recycling plastic bottles, aiming to create awareness about the importance of conserving resources and promoting reuse. Our volunteer researched the recycling of materials and tailored it to a hands-on workshop. Firstly, she compiled a list of materials to be used in the workshop and prepared the classroom accordingly. Rana provided my team members with a presentation on recycling and the recycling of plastic materials, emphasizing the need for awareness.

Following the presentation, Rana encouraged the crew to brainstorm and conduct research for the workshop. Using the materials at hand, they envisioned shapes on plastic bottles, drawing and painting them. Subsequently, they transformed these bottles into plant pots by adding soil and seeds.

Additionally, they repurposed glass jars into items such as candle holders, pen holders, and gift items. Through this workshop, where they utilized fine motor skills and creativity, team members gained knowledge about the transformation of plastic bottles.

Furthermore, we constructed birdhouses using materials other than plastic bottles and hung them on our office balcony. The material transformation workshop concluded joyfully. Our volunteer Rana, extended my gratitude to all participants and thanked Icdet for their contributions.


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