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VIE+W | Letter exchanging in 21st century

Today I am going to tell you about my passion for exchanging letters. I am not talking about emails or paper letters; it is something in the middle. I have found an app called „Slowly“, where you can exchange letters with strangers but they are not delivered instantly. The delivery time depends on the distance between you and the person you are sending the letter to. It is not like other networking and dating apps – the people using the app are different. You may wonder why I would like to wait for receiving a message instead of instantly chatting with whomever. Firstly, it gives me time to think more when I have questions to answer. In the beginning, when a friend told me about the app, I thought it is stupid to wait for an answer sometimes more than a day but when I tried it, I found out something. I don’t feel pressured to answer at the exact moment and the anticipation of a letter in exciting. I have met so many people across the world. The first who wrote me a letter were from the Philippines and from India. They were really kind and respectful people. We talked about our cultures, dreams and problems freely. The app is secure so if you don’t say your name or personal information, there is no way the other person to find your real life identity. I wrote a letter to a girl in Bulgaria. We talked about everything. We both were students in school, both loved the Harry Potter series. We had fun talking. And that’s how letter after letter I got to know more than 80 people across the world - people who speak different languages and have different cultures. These letters were able to make me smile and brought excitement to my life, I found friends and learned about the life of people from other countries.


by Alexander Uzunski


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