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VIE+W | What is it like to be a good animator?

There are not many jobs that give you the opportunity to express yourself while contributing to build a better future. In my opinion, my job is one of those few. As an entertainer and teacher, I am constantly working and connecting with people, but mostly with children. We organize all kinds of events, parties and team buildings for companies and we make the people who work there forget about their responsibilities for a while. The struggle with entertaining adults mainly comes from their lack of interest with the activities in the beginning, but once you grab their attention it always ends up being a great success.

Working with kids, on the other hand, is way more difficult. To grab a kid’s attention you must know how to approach them. I think that the key is to speak with them the same way you would speak with an adult. People often underestimate kids and their ability to understand different situations and that’s how the phrase “You will know when you grow up…” was born. When we participate in a child related event, we always give our best, because children are very impressionable and almost everything you say and do leaves a mark on their whole outlook on life. So, to have a positive impact in a child’s life, you must help them grow up to be open-minded in this world that really needs it.

My experience with kids doesn’t end with parties and events. I also work as a teacher at a summer school, full of amazing kids and staff. In my opinion, our summer school is much more different than other schools, because our teaching methods are further developed, innovative and creative. But, most importantly, we make sure that kids there know that we take care of their needs, that they can count on us for advice, opinion and help and that their voice matters.

In conclusion, my job is very rewarding and joyful and I believe that one should always search for a job that helps him fulfill his desire to inspire.


by Monika Gavrilova

Participant in

YE “Save our money” in Mezobereny, Hungary

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