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LIFE+| VOLUNTEER@ICDET Weekly Diary by Asli

Welcome to my weekly diary between 9th and 16th August of 2019.

This week was my second week in Sofia. We had a session with Ivan Tinev and Ivan Ivanov at 9th of August and then guys played playstation with Ivanov and we all girls came back to home for prepare to night. We went to Carrusel Club this night and had fun too much.

Next day we discovered the city with Aylin and Burcu. We joined to free city tour and travelled kinds of historical places such as Aleksandar Nevski Cathedral, Kyriaki Cathedral Church.

Next day was Sunday, and this day we were at Druzhba. We cooked dinner together and talked about our projects and travel plan.

Monday, me and Aylin discovered the city and went other historical places and gardens.

We went History Museum of Sofia firstly and then Banya Bashi Mosque. Then we saw the university, travelled at streets, churches and City Garden.

Next day was tuesday and that day we went to Happy Restaurant for meet with our new mentor Delyana. We talked and planned our travel. Then some guys backed to the home, Aylin and me stayed in center and went Borisova Gradina, South Park and shopping mall center. While night was closing, we went back to home and Aymira came. We went to lake in Druzhba together and chilled in there.

Day of wednesday, Aylin, Kadir and me discovered the city. Then we met with other guys and ate sushi. Weater was little bit cold and we hung out at City Garden and then went back home .

Thursday we had a Session with Ivanov and we went to Druzhba Lake. He teached budget management and played games about this subject.

Then Akif went to Macedonia, me and other guys stayed at home and hung out.

Friday, we had breakfast at Lake with together and it was soo good. Then we went to Decathlon in Vitosha, we were shopping and came back to home. Aylin and me ate noodle in Chinesse Restaurant and then Aylin went to Istanbul. If i will say last thing about this week, it was really nice amazing week for me.


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