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  • Do you think that you have to be a student to participate in Erasmus+?

  • Do you think that the only possibility is to go to study abroad?

  • Are you afraid that it is very expensive?

  • Are you insecure with your language skills, and it is stopping you?

  • Do you think you need an impressive CV to be accepted for the Erasmus+ project?

  • Do you think that Erasmus+ is only for European Union?

  • Are you afraid that it will be a waste of time, and will change nothing?

  • Are you afraid that it will not help in your professional career?

  • Have you never experienced cultural shock?

  • Are you afraid of the word “volunteering”?

  • Do you think that the application process is very difficult and time-consuming?

If you answered YES for at least one question… We would like to invite you to our event E+xpo! It is a unique opportunity to meet the representation of the Erasmus+ generation and find the ideal international experience for you. You will have a chance to meet people with various Erasmus+ backgrounds, who will be happy to answer all of your questions.

We will be there to help you and to prove that you do not have to be a student to join Erasmus+ and studying abroad is just one of plenty of possibilities that you have. We will show you how to deal with culture shock and how international experience can help you in your future career.