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E+MEdia for youth

Provides up-to-date information to young people about activities and events that affect their personal and professional development.   Besides being educated, our media aims to raise the interest of young people in youth activities, cultural events, volunteering and opportunities for participation in ERASMUS + projects. E+Media4YOUth is being developed gradually by enabling young people to develop skills and methods to inform the public by themselves preparing and generating an information flow that meets the expectations of young people for a truly useful and educational internet portal.


E+XPO is a set of events with topics on all EU values, strategies and policies related to the development of youth around the world. 

The project started as a personal project of our volunteer in 2016 and it became our system project involving all future events under the frame. An excellent example of dissemination and exploitation of a volunteer personal project


GAZE+BO is based on interaction with the local community and allows all international crew to explore and build a strong connection with the local community on a national level.


Promotes and works on projects and activities promoting sustainable modes of transport, a green working environment and promoting awareness of environmental issues, and facilitating exchanges related to mitigating the climate crisis. The project activities are tightly woven into the day-to-day operations of the organization


Boosting Entrepreneurship and Digitalization true development of project activities, training etc. related to EtreComp and DigComp of EU


Implementation of projects and activities in order to promote Inclusion and integration of true social media and different activities on local and international levels


combines activities related to the development of the actions and reactions of youth and adults.

Development of soft skills and 8 key competences true innovative trainings based on learning by doing process

icdet library

Rich database of different materials developed during implementation of different activities


Sending and hosting participants in all type of activities supported by the program

European Solidarity corps

Sending and hosting participants in all type of activities supported by the program

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