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Devop and improove youth awerness through varioust sport activities


Devop and improove youth awerness for ecology through various hikes and outings in nature


Aims to make the urban environment even more attractive place, provoking more reading among young people and developing their ideas into the process, and to encourage more such projects.


Devop and improove youth awerness through various board games


Develop and improove youth awerness forl environment through various local activities


Aims to connect youth free time with interesting workshops and language cafe.

The gazebo is a project and at the same time place for meetings, entertainment, sports, and cultural events for all! Whether you are young or old, alone or with the whole family: everyone is welcome!

You will have the chance to join our events and meet new friends from different countries that will open the doors to new opportunities in front of you. What are Erasmus and Erasmus +? International culture events, interesting workshops, sports games and more surprises are for the youth people from Druzhba. Do you want to travel and explore new countries? Youth Exchange? Still, the most interesting thing is forthcoming…

With the support of the Iskar district of Sofia Municipality

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