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The International Center for Development of Education and Training (ICDET) is one of the most popular, powerful and active associations in Bulgaria. It promotes European values through local and international projects and participating in projects in Bulgaria and abroad. All of our members and associates have major experience in working on projects and the organization allows the creation of a perfectly balanced team.

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Our goal is to inspire and help youngsters for positive, social and economic changes, and dedicate our time to ensure the effective implementation of all these ideas.

Our main aims are informing the youngsters about their opportunities and improving their skills, knowledge, language and communication skills in order for them to be well prepared for the labour market.

We are consistent in our organizational values: promoting non-formal education and training of young people through intercultural training and activities, the encouragement of youth exchanges and volunteering at the national, European and international levels, developing consciousness of European citizenship and identity, creating a strong sense of initiative and entrepreneurship with the help of experienced entrepreneurs in different fields.

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The aims of ICDET are to promote personal development and citizenship, volunteering and youth mobility; to promote sport and a healthy lifestyle; to develop a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship; to support the development of the abilities and potential of young people from different social and ethnic groups, and young people with disabilities - these aims are realized through our educational, recreational and cultural activities. We also focus on topics such as environment, migration, youth entrepreneurship, digital skills development, healthy lifestyle and mental health etc.



Organization of all processes of local and international projects activities and events related to the projects; Tutoring, mentoring & and supervision of all volunteers, currently engaged in our NGO's everyday work; Complete know-how on the management of Non-government organizations with horizontal structure; Production of intellectual outputs - research, collecting, and structuring of information. Maintenance, structure, improvement, and development of all platforms used as the main work tool by our NGO - GDrive, Social media platforms; Creation and implementation of innovative methods & and practices, ICT tools for work and facilitation;



Development of associate crew working methodology, development and support of ongoing tasks; the Member crew working methodology develops and supports of ongoing tasks; the Volunteer crew working methodology development and supports ongoing tasks and helps in organising and promoting the opportunity for applying and going on a project. Consulting young people on the opportunity to participate in such a project; Recruitment of new associates and members, attending interviews, providing information about our organization on all online & offline channels; Language classes and language preparation courses for our volunteers, members and associates in various languages; Innovative psychological therapy sessions for all people, involved in the organization - crew & volunteers.


Development of the E+MEDIA4YOUTH media portal, Expansion of our "E+XPO" project, where we promote Erasmus+ opportunities in schools, universities, and companies, develop, manage, facilitating and disseminate events related to it; Establishment of ICDET events, managing and facilitating them, and planning the calendar for each month; Management of all social media channels of the organization - Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and expanding them; Creation of materials (online media posts, videos, movies, articles, radio interviews); Expanding the public relation of ICDET with other NGOs in Sofia and Bulgaria, closing new partnerships with organizations and institutions on local, regional, national, and international levels. Dissemination activities for all projects.


Development of current activities and projects, new activities and projects. 

Building project proposals for all Key Action activities of the Erasmus+ and ESC programmes of the European Union


Ensuring sustainability of new, ongoing and new activities and projects



  • Maintenance and development of all administrative procedures of the association

  • Maintenance and development of documentation of the association

  • Maintenance of the registry of the association



  • Maintenance and development of financial processes in the association

  • Maintenance and development of financial and accountancy documentation of the association

  • Association budget management process



  • Maintenance and development of POLICIES Desk

  • Maintenance and development of legal documentation, registers etc.








  1. Filling in the application form

  2. Receiving acceptance letter

  3. For the next steps ask your University desk

NB! If you're registered in the EU4EU platform and you received invitation mail, just reply with the period and chosen department/s

Internship in our association is NOT PAID and is for students applying for Erasmus+ grant.


ICDET helps local and international associates to realize their ideas and dreams efficiently, achieve a higher level in their personal and career development, and develop his/her language skills! We value the qualities of everyone because for us they are not just collaborators of our team but members of our "family". We also support disadvantaged young people by giving them an equal start! 


  1. Filling in the application form

  2. Signing agreement

After signing the agreement, the associate goes through ONLINE TRAINING and receives access to his/her working folder to develop his/her working ideas and is registered in the MEMBER AND ASSOCIATE CREW REGISTER

Our associates receive practical experience through activities such as

  • Preparing supporting material for the tasks;

  • Maintaining the Facebook page and the organization's website;

  • Participation in team building organized events and parties;

  • Ability to represent the organization in meetings, discussions and training organized by the ICDET;

  • Conducting interviews and writing articles that will be published in the online radio, television, newspaper and magazine of the ICDET;

  • For each acquired skill, collaborators and members receive a certificate;

  • Each associate undergoes special training and is sent as the leader of the groups of participants;

  • ICDET works with its collaborators FULLY ONLINE. with which it ensures FULLY INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM of its assistants;

  • The working process of the collaborators is being developed with them and depending on their time.


​​Each of the members of ICDET has the opportunity to join one or several departments according to his/her interests and skills. In this way, he/she will be able to participate in the planning of the organization's activities, to offer new ideas and strategic decisions in given situations. With each activity carried out, members gain experience that will make them more confident in the future when they are confronted with activities at the local, national or international level. By participating in managing and implementing our exchange programs, ICDET members communicate daily with people from around the world, contributing to the improvement of their language skills.



  1. Filling out an application form /FOR NOW WE ACCEPT ONLY BULGARIAN citizens/

  2. Payment of membership fee by bank transfer of the account specified in the received mail for approval.

  3. Signing a membership agreement.

Each member of the organization enjoys the following privileges:

  • There is training that contributes to their development;

  • They have the opportunity to participate in all the forthcoming projects under ERASMUS +, on which ICDET is a partner;

  • Participation in the Facebook group ICDET Members & associates club, where ICDET publishes information about opportunities only for members and associates of the organization;

  • They are informed about upcoming events, initiatives, training and projects at ERASMUS + at the local, national or international levels;

  • Priority will be given to them as participants during the selection for ERASMUS + project;

  • They have the opportunity to develop their language skills by communicating with people from all over the world in different languages;

  • They are exempted from filling in documentation when applying;

  • They are exempted from paying the WARRANTY FEE for participation in future projects.

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