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My EVS vibE+s

Tanyana is ICDET BG sended participant in long term EVS project in Romania.Here are some thoughts which she share with us....

Happiness is really just about following your heart! Following that #crazyinner quite voice whispering the best ideas in your ears! Happiness comes from moments of pure alignment with feeling good in the present moment! We choose how to feel! A #smile can change everything...for you and also for someone else 😊 Exploring my #craziness through my whole life has been the hugest fun for me 😁 This journey of life has brought me the biggest #happy moments and #amazing memories 🤩 My message to all of you is just - Be crazy! 🤪 Connect to your unique style! Express it! Stop carrying what other people think and start focusing on what you think about yourself 😘 Do what makes you truly happy! Follow your #ideas, #dreamsand #hopes 💖 When you meet a hard moment, be #grateful 😊 Life is trying to teach you a #lesson that you’re ready ți learn 💖 If life was easy, it would have been so boring. If life was too normal (at least for me), life again would have been so boring 😃 I believe that every person has a unique special gift to share with the world! I call it #craziness 💖

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