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PEOPLE+: Sofia in Sofia

I write these words now that I have returned to my daily life in Italy although it is strange to think that this adventure is already over.

Thanks to the Erasmus project I was able to spend three months in Sofia to carry out my curricular internship at ICDET. My internship took place mainly in the human resources department where I was able to put into practice the knowledge developed at university and compare myself for the first time with the world of work. I worked on the creation or improvement of evaluation forms for training courses, helped for the organization of interviews and creation of materials for social media, creation and management of ice breakers for events ... but this experience was not only work.

I chose to go abroad because I wanted to get out of my "comfort zone" and prove to myself that I could do it. It was not easy, especially at the beginning, because for the first time I found myself alone in a country that I did not know and in which I could not even read. I had to face many challenges including the biggest one: believing in myself and not being afraid of making mistakes.

Speaking in public, making me film to produce a video, deciding independently on what and how to work may seem very trivial things, but not for me. Erasmus allowed me to meet many fantastic people, discover a new country, do things that I would not have done in Italy and above all grow as a person.

When people tell you that it will be the best experience of your life they are right, it does not count the country, the distance, the problems that surely will be there ... Erasmus changes you even when it ends.

That's why there will always be a piece of Sofia in me and not just in my name

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